About Redbalifrog


Amanda Bazarow

 Lives in Sydney, Australia where in her studio she conjures the most extraordinary designs.

 Inspired by the every day world around her as well as the fantastic and exotic, Amanda has warmed the hearts of collectors all over the world with designs such as "When Pigs Fly" and "Baby Dragon Frankie".

Her love of Bali has perhaps been her strongest influence. There she finds beauty, serenity, and friendship together in one remarkable place. An avid photographer, you will find Amanda's pictures scattered throughout this website.



Lives in Bali where a family tradition of silver work was passed to him at a young age.

His interpretation of Amanda's designs are done with skill and attention to detail. Yande's wax carvings are so intricate they may take days to complete.  All Redbalifrog items are cast in sterling silver in a wax release process and then hand finished.

You will be happy to know that your purchase of Redbalifrog  jewelry helps to financially support a number of extremely grateful and wonderful families in Bali.